Apr 2013 — Present Boston, MA

Designed core components of CargoMetrics’ commodity trading system, including data models, command-line interfaces, dashboards, and cloud infrastructure.

Helped the company transition from monolithic applications running on traditional infrastructure to microservices running in serverless or container-based environments.

Migrated numerous legacy schedule-based systems to event-driven and resilient cloud processes, hardening reliability of cloud infrastructure and reducing the number of alarm states.

Continuously iterated and improved upon design patterns that were adopted by the engineering team for infrastructure setup, CI/CD pipelines, and code design.


Nov 2010 — Mar 2013 Boston, MA

First hire for DataXu’s original Solutions Engineering team and helped craft the department’s role in the company.

Developed toolkit for the growing Solutions Engineering team to use to maneuver through DataXu’s software stack, including the demo product for the flagship Ruby on Rails UI.

Helped craft custom, rapid solutions and proof-of-concepts for DataXu’s programmatic ad-buying platform, including the initial proposal to integrate real-time video into the product.


Nov 2008 — Nov 2010 Boston, MA

Designed, implemented, and executed the seamless transition of clients’ legacy web content into new management systems using custom and reusable code components.

Worked on site for clients in both a member of a small team and as a solo project executor to achieve success.



Web App | Ruby | NodeJS
GitHub | Twitter |

Serverless app that mirrors posts from /r/brutalism to Twitter or Slack. The project is hosted on AWS using a completely serverless infrastructure. Alongside the core application is a static website hosted on S3 and distributed via CloudFront; support email address configured with SES, and application health monitoring via CloudWatch.

Rum Runner

Build Tool | Ruby | Docker
GitHub | RubyGems

DSL for writing declarative Docker-based workflows using Rake — Ruby’s popular make-like utility for working with build tasks. Users can install the gem from RubyGems, define their build, and use the rake CLI to build exportable artifacts inside the Docker build container or run arbitrary commands inside ephemeral containers at different stages of the build.

Serverless PyPI

Terraform Module | Python | Terraform
GitHub | Terraform Registry

Terraform module for deploying a custom PyPI Index on AWS backed by S3. Users can store Python packages on S3 and retrieve them with pip over HTTP using API Gateway and a Lambda proxy function. An additional module is available to attach Cognito-based authentication to your index.


Express Middleware | NodeJS | Express
GitHub | npm

Middleware for Express to deploy an asynchronous REST API for developing Slack Apps. Requests from Slack are received, processed, and enhanced with routing instructions to be published to the notification/queuing service of your choice. Because SlackEnd is not opinionated about how messages are handled, extending Slack apps is easy and requires no code redeployment.


Docker Image | Python | Docker
GitHub | Docker Hub

The most-popular public Docker image for the Apache data visualization tool, Superset. In addition to tagged updates, weekly automated builds allow users to test features on the HEAD of the source repository.